Where Was I?

Oh yeah, now I remember.

It has been a busy month! I left off with the races, and I am beginning with the races! I am becoming a horse racing fanatic!

Last night, the Sons of Italy hosted an “Evening at the Races”. I invited several of my friends along. No large bets, and no large winners, but the food was awesome and the friendships warm.

Or was the food warm and the friendships awesome?

It does not matter! Both are equally as grand!

What has really had me distracted from my writings is work. I have been working on this house in town for the past 6 weeks. One of my clients bought another piece of investment property and wanted it remodeled before renting it out. While I’ve seen worse properties, this one had it’s share of troubles.

First off, the former owner was an elderly woman who allowed her grandson to live in the house rent free with the understanding that he’d fix up the property.

What he did instead was move into the back house, and sublet the front house out to a friend who decided he was going to supplement his income by growing inordinate amounts of marijuana plants in the each of the rooms.

At the time of his arrest (on a domestic disturbance call, no less!) there were 150 plants growing throughout the house.

I know nothing about growing large quantities of plants indoors, but from his mechanics, I would could tell a lot. First thing he did was to tap into the electrical and bypass the meter. He connected all his horticultural gadgetry to that electrical, therefore, remaining unregistered. He ran electrical conduit into the rooms via holes in the ceiling, not doubt to power all the lights needed to stimulate growth.

He also installed a heating unit in the attic, not for the heat, but for its ability to push the air conditioned air throughout the house. The duct work had been punched through the plaster ceiling in as many as 3 places in each of the rooms. Some of the ducting reached all the way to the floor.

To protect his investments, he drilled deadbolt holes in all the doors, including several closet doors. Now who was going to break into a closet?

My mission, once I accepted, was to fix it up and make it a habitable domain for people with legally produced incomes.

That meant all electrical had to be redone, as well as gutting the bathroom and kitchen. The homeowner also wanted the current laundry room separated into a smaller laundry room and a second bathroom.

Along with the structural and electrical changes, the plumbing needed to be replaced, as it was a mismatched system of galvanized steel, copper, and illegal plastic pipe work. New gas lines needed to be run to the heating unit in the attic and a repositioned stove and dryer.

Fortunately, a HVAC contractor was found to properly reinstall the duct work and the a/c unit. A floor specialist was also brought into fix the holes in the floors and redo the finish.

We are now approaching the final stages of construction. Tile floors are going in, walls and trim are being painted, fixtures ready to install, leaving me a little more time to write…

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One Response to Where Was I?

  1. Laura says:

    “To protect his investments, he drilled deadbolt holes in all the doors, including several closet doors. Now who was going to break into a closet?”
    Hm. Depends on what he was keeping in the closet, and who he thought might come by…

    It all sounds pretty typical for what people do to houses they’re growing pot in. LOL

    The races were great fun. Thank you again for inviting us. 🙂

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