And They’re Off!

During the Father’s Day festivities, the decision was made to celebrate the milestone birthday of my friend’s father at the local race track.

I love to watch the horses run. They are amazingly beautiful. It is obvious that they are born to run. I am not sure they if they enjoy it, but they seem to.

It doesn’t matter, because I enjoy it, and it’s all about me!

Family and friends gathered for the surprise in the Vessel Club, the private area of the stands where no jeans are allowed unless accompanied by a jacket.

A hotter than typical California night, it was hot enough to wear a summer dress, so no jeans, nor jacket for me! We sat outside, overlooking the track right at the finish line.

The birthday boy arrived


just in time for the start of the first race and the bets were placed.




Could No 7 go all the way?


Dawnie has a winning ticket! We know who’s buying dinner!


Steve and Diane, ready to play!


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One Response to And They’re Off!

  1. Dawnie says:

    Thats cool!!! Thanks missy!!!

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