The World, At A Glance

In my office, I had a map of the world hanging above one section of my desk. When I started back at college, I took it down to hang shelves to house all the books I needed for the classes.

As I’m not longer in school, I found other places for the books. Like the shelves in someone else’s house.

I wanted to hang the map back up, but the wall needed to be repaired. The shelves required screws, and the screws left holes.

This weekend I decided to repair the holes and rehang my map. I took down the shelves, only to have them take down a good strip of paint with them. I patched the screw holes, and other damaged areas, and prepped the area for paint.

After the area was sufficiently prepped, I headed out to the garage for the paint supplies–and discovered I had no touch up paint.

Argh. Off to Home Depot.

Of course, this meant that any paint I bought, no matter how close a match, wasn’t going to match.

SOOO, I cleared out my office of all furniture, wall hangings, curtains and dust and repainted my office.

9 hours later, and without one drop of paint where it did not belong, my office was back together, including my map!

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2 Responses to The World, At A Glance

  1. Laura says:

    Arg! Well, at least it’s all done now. Did you repaint it the same color it was before? Texture? That was really cool paint. 🙂

  2. Mikki says:

    A shade darker, but not by much. It is still the Suede finish.

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