Amazon Downloads

I received an email from my TIVO service the other day announcing a new feature. It seems I can download movies directly from to my TIVO box. The movies (or TV shows) can be either bought for or rented.

The rental fee averages $4 a movie. You get one month to watch the movie. Once you start the movie, though, you have 24 hours to watch it. But you can watch it as many times as you like! You can rewind, repeat, pause, forward ahead.

If you fall asleep while watching it, you can watch it again!

If you get a phone call during the show, you can pause it!

If there are icky love scenes or blood and guts, you can zip right by!

They were having a sale the other day, so I downloaded 3 movie rentals for .$99 each. At those prices, who cares if the movie is good, or bad. I also like renting because then I do not have to worry about storing more media.

I watched Casino Royale (sorry, no one is better than Connery), Babel (how interconnected the world really is), and The Good Shepherd (a typical convoluted, confusing spy story)

3 bucks for 7 hours of couch potatoness. And a pause for bathroom and forage breaks!

Weekends will never be the same!

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