Anti Varmint Strategy

I thought my competitive years long since passed. However, with the latest loss of fish life, I have decided that I will not be defeated by a mere varmint.

I will not be outfoxed by a nocturnal, fish thieving, rat looking, low intellect critter.

Forget about the money I have invested. If I tallied all the funds spent on fish, I could probably have bought a share of of Berkshire Hathaway B class stock.

My investigations into pond protection have led me to some interesting devices to protect pond dwelling inhabitants.

Granted, much of the information is for protecting ponds that are more like 100 feet, instead of just 100 gallons, like my pond is.

My favorite is the floating alligator head with reflective eyes. For $69. . I have to ask though, “Do California critters even know what a gator is? Will they be frightened by it and stay away, or will they use it as a launch pad to pesce al fresco dinning?”

Another was the electric fencing. At first, I thought this would be a good idea. A simple little current to zap critters, cats and fat dogs into staying away from my pond. As I looked further into energized fencing though, this method involved concrete, assembly, electrical current, and more aggravation than it was worth.

Then I found an article that offered up a simple, cheap solution. Use black ABS piping to give the fish a place to escape to. An underground escape route. A fish cave!

Here is what I devised…

(click on photo for larger size)

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2 Responses to Anti Varmint Strategy

  1. Laura says:

    I hope the pipe works!

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