We’ll Take You There


This month my portfolio showed the first time TWO stocks managed to break the 100% barrier.

Garmin, Ltd, the designers, manufacturers, and marketers of navigation and communications equipment jumped almost 28 points to reach ROI of 121! And they provided the catchy title of this post. What more can an investor ask for?

My other 1 bagger is a company that is the leader in gathering, processing, storing and transporting natural gas in the US. My Oneok stock is sitting pretty at 102.5 ROI, up 21% from last month.

Last month Middleby Corp made 106, but fell 28 points this month to 78. Otherwise, I could have been looking at 3 stocks earning over 100%!

GameStop is up another 15%, which is always a pleasure after a stock split.

Another disappointing drop besides Middleby is Marvel Enterprises, especially after the release of their much anticipated Spiderman 3. But really, how disappointed can I be earning “only” 66%?

My biggest losers are still Tuesday Morning Corp, New York & Co, Whole Foods, and JetBlue, all with double digit losses.

You can find the rest of the story here… stock-returns-2007-for-blog.doc

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