Think Safety

This was a relatively simple job.

The home owners have a 3 tiered back patio off the house. The top tier is at the same level as the back door. The 3rd tier steps lead down to the garage. There used to be a trellis and plants on either side of the garage door, making for a semi-covered walkway.


The design was to be changed to include a larger 3rd tier with a handrail for assistance climbing the stairs when coming from the garage. The bottom stair tier was removed, a framed out support structure was built to hold the new deck, railing posts were bolted to the existing support structure (concreted in place also, where possible).

Right behind the two plants, there used to be a pond.


The decking was built to follow the curve of the pond. The pond was removed, but the decking was cut as if it were still around the pond. That level was cut back into a neat line, the pond hole leveled off, and an angle of decking added to tie in the new deck with the lower tier.


 A handrail was also added for assistance from the back door.


(click on photos for larger view)



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