Global Warming and Poetry

When I first moved out here some 13 years ago, I was amazed at the weather. It is so beautiful out here much of the year, I could not understand why anyone would live any other place.

Of course, there are reasons other than the weather to live anywhere, but for me, the more days I spend in bright sunshine, the better I feel.

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs here along the coastal cities just as the summer is heating up. The winds blow in from the water, leaving the area shrouded in a fog.

The meteorologists call it “Marine Layer”.

The locals call it “June Gloom”.

In the mornings, it looks like the day is going to be miserable. A torrential downpour just waiting to happen. Then by mid morning, poof, clear bright sunshine.

It requires an interesting wardrobe regiment. It gives new meaning to “layering”. Also, it does not hurt to suffer from a touch of fashion schizophrenia. I have seen people in shorts, flip flops and a parka. Or Uggs, a summer dress and a sweater. Even bathing suits and flannels.

It starts sometime in late May. And disappears by mid June. Just in time for Father’s Day barbeques.

This year, “June Gloom” has been replaced by “May Gray”. Which started in April.

I wonder what they would call it if it extends into July.

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