So, my one year blogiversary came and went. I decided to celebrate by not writing anything!

That is not actually true. There was no celebration! Just lots of work. I put in a few long days trying to finish a couple of projects, leaving me too tired to write. Sometimes, writing takes more mental energy than I have. It is hard to be witty and clever when your back is sore!

Here is a project I have completed. It is the first time I remembered to take Before and After pictures so that the full affect can be seen.

The homeowner is a friend who I became reacquainted with under strange circumstances in December of 2005. We met up one day, and in conversation she was telling me of a bathroom remodel gone awry. She lives in a two bathroom home, and during the course of the first bathroom remodel, she decided the contractors were NOT going to come back for the second bathroom.

The second bathroom had been demo’d 2 years previously. It was completely non-functional, leaving the three people in the home only one bathroom to use.

I went over for a walk through, snapped some pictures and discussed what she wanted.

After her wants were listed, I needed to see the electrical and asked for access into the attic.


The attic access was in the ceiling of a linen area in the hall. The area was divided into two sections; the lower, being 4 drawers, and the upper, a cabinet with 3 shelves.

In order for me to access the attic, she had to clear out all the linens from the upper cabinet, remove the shelves, put a step stool on the drawer top and drag a dining room chair over to get from the floor to the step ladder.

Not very efficient.

I climbed up into the attic, and saw not only a disaster in wiring, but a storage heaven! There was an area 30′ long by 10′ wide that had ceilings at least 6 feet high.

I told her with a simple attic ladder, some plywood flooring, lighting for safety, she could use all this space for storage.

Before I began work on the bathroom, I remodeled the attic. Insulation, lighting, plywood flooring, an attic ladder, and voila! 300 sq feet of new storage.

attic-stairs-01_01.jpg attic-stairs-02.jpg

(click on photos for larger view)

On to the bathroom!

Not exactly, but those stories are for another day!

The bathroom had already been demo’d, as I said earlier. The rough plumbing for the toilet, tub and sink were already installed. The tub was also installed. The cabinets were to be custom made.

Here are the befores,

before-bathroom.jpg b4bathroomsink.jpg

(click on photo to view larger)

And the afters

afterbathroom.jpg afterbathroomsink.jpg banddetail.jpg


(click on photo to view larger)

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1 Response to Celebration

  1. Laura says:

    Mikki, that bathroom looks awesome! And how wonderful that you were able to create all that wonderful storage for your friend. Woot!

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