Take 20

After the killing freeze California had in mid January, I let the pond evaporate so I could clean it out. Most of the plants had died anyhow (hence the term, “killing freeze”). I got rid of the pond lilies and the other plants, leaving only the Water Lettuce and the Water Hyacinth. They multiply so rapidly. They also make for a good protective cover for the fish from whatever keeps stealing them from my pond.

I removed some of the grass from the outer edges as it was taking over every thing, and smothering my otters.


(click on photo to view larger)

Okay, the otters aren’t real.

With the pond cleaned, plants removed, it was time to purchase more fish.


The koi store I go to was having a special on fish. So I bought 4 and got the 5th one free.

This time I got two orange splotchy kind and two “yellow” which are actually albino orange koi, complete with red eyes. One even has red lips.

Okay, fish don’t have lips, but this one has the tiniest spot of orange near her mouth.

For my free fish, I got a “yellow metallic” fish. I am not sure if it is an albino or something entirely different.

Like kryptonite.

Let’s hear a small wish for successful fish motherhood.

The pond, in its current state.


(click on photo to view larger)

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