For Some

It started off as a beautiful Sunday morning. For some.

While dinking around the internet and listening to my stereo-connected iPod, reading the NY Times along with my morning tea, I heard a “crash”, followed by a “bang”, then a “boom”.

I jumped up and ran to the door before realizing I was still in my pajamas. Running back into my room, I threw on a pair of pants and a top. My first thought out the door was

“What a beautiful day! For some.”

Glorious sunshine and temperatures in the 80s at only 8 am.

I peered around the corner and was greeted by the sight of a gusher!


(click on photo for larger view)

It seems that a car was hit in the intersection, forcing them to slam into a fire hydrant.


(click on photo for larger view)

The fire and police departments responded immediately. I guess it’s the fire departments duty to shut the water off, which two did that via a shut off valve in the middle of the road.


(click on photo for larger view)

So, for a short time today, I lived by the water…


(click on photo for a larger view)

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