My Kitchen

After deciding that living in Italy was not right for me at this time, I took another look around my home.

It really is a nice home. It would be a great home if it

  • were finished
  • had a cleaning service
  • had a chef

I figure that I’ll work on the second and third bullet after the first bullet is complete.

My current project is to finish my kitchen. All that stands in my way are…

  • Insulating one wall
  • Installing one piece of drywall
  • Refinishing the cabinets
  • (Re) Hanging the cabinets
  • Painting
  • Installing a tile back splash
  • Installing the tile floor

I am happy to report that bullets one and two are done. In a weird but completely understandable (for my life) twist, bullet four is also done.

For the weird twist, I will blame my sister.

When she was planning to come out for my 40th birthday a hundred years ago, my house was a construction zone. Demolition, electrical and plumbing redos, insulation, new windows, central heat (air ready) DONE. FINISHED. FINITO.

What was not done

  • no shower or sink in the bathroom
  • no bedrooms
  • no wall surfaces

I showered in the bathroom in the garage. My dining room, living room, TV room, office and bedroom were all in one room. I would just sit in different places throughout the room to affect the right room.

It was her first visit to my house and I wanted it to look like a home. Working feverishly before her arrival, I managed to

  • hang (most of) the drywall
  • have the kitchen counter tops installed on semi refinished lower cabinets
  • hang the upper cabinets (albeit, not where I intended, not level, and only mostly refinished),
  • finish the wall surface (including paint!) in two of the three bedrooms
  • “decorate” the walls throughout the house to hide the fact they were unfinished drywall.

In my haste, I never finished insulating and drywalling the kitchen wall above the sink. Of course, I did not realize this until after I hung the cabinets. I was not going to take down the newly hung cabinets after finally putting them up.

I just put all the tableware in the cabinets and decided to “showcase” the wall.

I still showered in the garage. Not much I could do about that. At least I could pee indoors.

Instead of “renters beige” wall color, I had “construction gray”. The wall decorations were hung with care though.

After living in a construction zone for more than a year having a home to enjoy was nice. Even if it was construction zone masquerading as a home. I took a one year break from home improvements and lived in my quasi-home.

More than 4 years later, I decided I could no longer live with my kitchen. I enlisted the assistance of a friend to help me in my quest to finish off the kitchen.

We removed all the cabinets, and while I insulated the wall, he meticulously cut the drywall to fit. We rehung the cabinets exactly where I wanted them, and perfectly level.

I have been sanding down the doors, adding a clear coat of urethane and rehanging them, one by one.

Not bad, for a work in progress…

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