Perfect Arrangement

Okay, so I am up to the “N” artist in my quest to digitize my CD collection. Did you ever look at your collections? (Books, CDs, Records, etc) and see who is sitting next to whom?

I wonder what kind of conversations are going on in my CD rack.

For instance, in my collection AC/DC is next to Odetta Adams. Head banging rock band next to a blues legend.

Dolly Parton is next to Pavarotti, who is next to Presley. If Dolly does not speak Italian, then the noise from that section is probably dead.

Barbra Streisand is next to Survivor, (although, in a perfect world, Barbara would have her own shelf of honor).

Half way (more or less) into my digital migration, I noticed iTunes does not alphabetize in the way I was taught. Now, AC/DC is next to Alanis Morissette, Dolly is next to Dot Allison, and Barbra still does not have her own shelf.

Through the miracle of technology, I can sort by genre, which puts all the rock and rollers with their kind, as well as the legends of blues close together. Harmony!

And Barbra can have her own shelf!

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