In my quest to digitize my music, I found a CD belonging to a local artist. My friends and I would go listen to her play at a local club. One of the reasons I enjoyed watching her play at this club (besides the great music) was the fact that she and her band played for two hours straight.

  • Point one – They did not take breaks.
  • Point two – They were done after two hours.

Both points arrive at the same destination…I do not have to stay out all night to hear the music that I set out to listen to.

She disappeared from the scene for a while, and I lost track of where she was playing.

When copying her music to my iPod, I took the time to look up her website. I read what she had been doing for the last few years and signed up for her newsletter.

Technology is great.

When her latest newsletter arrived in my inbox, I saw she was playing an acoustic set down at a local restaurant. I had not been to the restaurant in a while, so I figured I would give her music and the food another try. Both were as wonderful as I remembered!

During one of her breaks, we started talking. She was going to shoot a video in a few weeks and was explaining about all the props, people, and gadgets she was going to need. I told her to send me a list and I would see what I could do.

Not having the slightest talent in anything relating to music or video, I figured I would not be much of any help.

As it turns out, I was able to help on several fronts!

She was looking for a few energetic people to be in the video. She was looking for people to dance and have fun as if they were at a pool party.

I had just the right friend…

She was also looking for someone who could do hair and make up.

I had just the right friend…

The shoot was taking place around the pool in the back yard of her friends. The singer, guitarist and bassist were going to be standing on the multiple layers of the poolside and bar but there was no place for the drummer. He could set up anywhere around the pool, but would be hidden from site.

She needed an elevated stage for the drummer.

I had just the right tools…

My first “Hollywood” experience was rather fun! There was a director, a camerawoman, a set director, sound people, make up and hair artists, and extras milling about. There was a “behind the scenes” and a “making of” photographer and videographer. There was even “cut” and “action”.

There was food, sunshine and good music!

My kind of party!

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