epiphany n

2. a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence.

It was a stressful week. Not extra ordinarily stressful, and certainly not the stress I experienced at the hands of Corporate America, but stressful nonetheless.

After the pressure reached its pinnacle, I called my friend and suggested we attend a movie. There is nothing like a little mind numbing alternate reality to put life in perspective.

Of course, as what usually happens when we decide to go the movies, we ended up at the bookstore. This outing included my favorite store, Barnes and Noble.

While browsing the “New Paperback Releases” section I picked up a title that promised murder, mayhem and intrigue. Scanning through the others, I found another from a likable author. Strolling through the store, I found two that looked to be interesting reads.

As I stood there with four books cradled in my arms, I sought out my friend. I had come to the realization that buying books, not reading them, was my way of reducing stress. With each title added to the load, I could feel myself start to relax. The adrenal induced headache faded, blood pressure lowered and my brow unfurled. I laughed at the sheer insanity of having a “book buying” disorder to cope with an unusual stress load.

By the time the sixth book joined the others, I rejoiced in my newfound discovery!

I hurried home to add to my collection of Must Reads…

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1 Response to Epiphany

  1. Clifford says:

    I found a Barnes and Noble next to my “temporary” residence. The smell of the books nearly rendered me unconscious. I love bookstores.


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