Mostly Ups

I had a bit of a scare this month when I checked my portfolio. I saw that GameStop had dropped to -50% or so. What happened? That bit of news sure wakes you up!
After a little research, I found that I had not heard about a stock split (2 for 1). After correcting my account register, all was right in my portfolio again!

This month, I bought 40 more shares of Netflix (NFLX), 5 more of FedEx (FDX) and 10 more Quality Systems (QSII).

Top performers this month were Middleby Corp (MIDD) with an almost 35% jump, the before-mentioned GameStop (GME) up 23%, and Dreamworks (DWA), up 16.5%.

The biggest losers are USANA (USNA) and Flamel Technologies (FLML), dropping ~36% and 31%, respectively. It is hard to get worried as USANA is still up 50% over all, and Flamel Technologies sits at almost 30% ROI.

Holding steady as the big loser overall is Tuesday Morning Corp (TUES) which has lost nearly ½ of its value. Or, to put it another way, ½ of my @#*% money! If I decide to sell a big gainer, I will sell off shares of this company to offset the capital gains. That is the only value I see in this losing stock.

Jet Blue has also dropped but they are still my favorite airline to fly!

Here is the rest of the story…


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