Somewhere Near Palm Springs

I took off this weekend for sites unseen and ended up in Palm Desert. When you drive a convertible with a black interior, it is best to visit the desert as early in the year as possible.

The weather was gorgeous. The early morning gloom burned off to reveal a glorious day. There was no “fun” way to get there, so I just zoomed along the interstate.

After lunching at Tommy Bahamas, my next stop was The Living Desert.

The Living Desert is in part zoo and endangered species conservation center, botanical gardens, natural history museum, wilderness park, nature preserve, and education center.

The day was warm enough to remind me I was in the desert, but not yet hot enough to leave me in desperate need of water. I saw all manner of plants. I will incorporate many of them into the drought-resistant landscape I am planning for my front yard.

The Living Desert also rehabilitates animals injured in the wild. If possible, they are released back from where they came. Sometimes the animals are too impaired to be released. Those become permanent residents of the center.

I managed to capture a few pictures. To me, no animal sums up the desert better than


(click on image to view larger)

And no plant says it more than


(click on image to view larger)

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1 Response to Somewhere Near Palm Springs

  1. Laura says:

    It sounds like a lovely weekend. Cool shot of the roadrunner.

    I always like hearing about places that rehabilitate wild animals, and release them or care for them when they can’t be released… I worked for one of those when I was a kid. Learned to fly birds of prey. Fun.

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