I have succumbed to the latest of trends, the iPod. I resisted as long as I could, but my inner geek surfaced.

My intention was to make all my CDs into digital files, store them on my iMac hard drive, and play them through iTunes via a network connection, through my stereo and whole house speakers.

Does that sound complicated? It really is not. With all the right components, it can be done.

Of course, I do not have all the right components. I need an iMac with wireless capability. I do not have one. I need an Airport Express (to receive the wireless signal). I do not have one. I need the Airport Express-to-stereo connecting cables. I do not have any. I also felt an external hard drive would be necessary for storage and back up of the music. I do not have one.

As I was not even remotely interested in purchasing a new computer, or anything to improve the existing computer, I decided to go to “Plan B”.

“Plan B” was to purchase an iPod, and the iPod-to-stereo connecting cables. An iPod will absolve me of the need for a wireless iMac, an Airport Express and a hard drive.

Through iTunes, I will be able to convert all my CDs to digital MP3 files. I also plan to download future music from iTunes instead of purchasing any more CDs.

iTunes in turn synchronizes all converted and purchased files onto the iPod. The iPod hooks to my stereo, and viola! I can play any or all my CDs with the press of a button.

My thinking is I did not need any more dust collectors in my house. I also do not like purchasing a CD of 10-20 songs only to find I like just one or two. All cover art is downloaded along with the music. The only thing missing are the lyrics, and I can find those anytime on the internet.

I have approximately 300 CDs. I stopped buying CDs a while ago (5-6 years) when digital music started to explode. I figured that CDs were bound to go the way of the 8-track and LP. Why invest in a dying technology?

I also figured, after becoming an XM subscriber with uninterrupted music in both my vehicles and my house, who needed CDs. Although, XM had another effect; it became an introduction to new music.

In effect, after importing all my CDs and music downloads to the iPod, I will have my own personal jukebox. I can make play lists to match any criteria I desire. Songs can also be added to more than one play list. I now do not have to make that critical decision as to which play list, “70’s Music” or “Rock” does Led Zeppelin belong.

I can also play songs randomly from any criteria. Much better than my 5 CD changer!

I spent part of the weekend converting CDs to digital files and loading them into the iPod. Currently, I have loaded 1200 songs for 75 hours of music, using 7 gigs of space and I am only at 3 of 10 sections in my CD book case.

In my weekend quest to rip my CDs, I found that I own CDs I have never opened. I also found I own CDs that I forgot I owned. I also discovered that sometimes I could not file alphabetically to save my life. Also discovered; not only are many of the CD jewel cases coated with a fine layer of dust, so too, were the CDs! Fortunately, I did not find any duplicate CDs!

Now I have to hope MP3 and iPod technologies are here to stay.

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