Shopping Advice

They say it makes better financial sense to do your grocery shopping on a full stomach. On an empty stomach, impulse purchases can be spurred by hunger pangs. After all, when you are hungry, all food looks good!

Of course, my world generally defies logic. Grocery shopping is no different.

I needed to do some grocery shopping the other day, but was very hungry. I decided to eat first, and headed to my favorite Italian restaurant. While enjoying a nice dinner of caprese, spaghetti in a meat sauce, a house salad with house dressing and some garlic bread, I calmly made my shopping list. The list contained three items, bread, milk and eggs.

Normally, I like to finish my dinner with a nice cup of tea. When I first noticed this habit, I thought the desire was fueled by my need for caffeine. But, alas, it is the sugar that I crave.

Figuring I could just have my tea when I return home from shopping, I paid my bill and headed to the grocery store. Well-satiated, I figured shopping would be a snap.

Oreo cookies, chocolate covered raisins, sweet Hawaiian bread all found their way into the cart and cuddled right next to the strawberries and can of whipped cream, bananas, milk and eggs.

I did not need Oreo cookies (in 10 stay fresh packages, no less).


I did not need chocolate covered raisins. And I certainly did not need sweet Hawaiian bread! English muffins would have sufficed. Whole grain bread would have been sufficient.

The fruit might have been a good balance, except all I could think about was strawberries in cream chased with a chocolate banana shake!

Next time I get the urge to grocery shop, I’ll make sure to take my tea to go.

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3 Responses to Shopping Advice

  1. Clifford says:

    I never shop on an empty stomach. It’s too easy to buy tons of crap I’ll probably never eat. Like panty hose. No self-control when I’m hungry.

  2. Mikki says:

    I don’t know about a pantie hose shopping rule, but I’d think it would be best to shop for them on an EMPTY stomach!


  3. Joëlle says:

    Like you, I enjoy finish my meal with something sugared….
    I agree : to avoid excess, it’s better to shop with empty stomach….

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