Vanity Plates

Say what you want about people who get vanity plates for their cars. Personally? I think they make driving here more interesting.

When I bought my car, I decided that it required a vanity plate. However, choosing just the right combination of letters proved to be daunting.

First, you are only allowed seven letters. It’s hard sum up incredible wit and sarcasm with so few letters.

Second, finding a phrase that sums up all you are, and not just all you are right now, can be tricky.

Some of my ideas…

  • ROOM 4 2
  • RMFER2
  • MOVE

Some were taken when I checked DMV’s website. Some I decided were too hard to decipher, and some I decided were just too illiterate or arrogant.

I finally decided what better expression of vanity than my name! I did add a license frame to the front that reads “Room for Two” (after deciding “No Room For You” might subject me to an unfair share of vandalism) and one on the back that reads “My Other Car is Irrelevant”.

In California, you can have a heart, a star, or a child’s hand added to the plate. Two of my favorites I have seen so far are

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