Dear Faithful Readers

You know who you are.

I have started up another blog. Why another blog? Because I can, and because they are free! I have created a photo blog. You can find it here. You can also find it listed in the blog roll in the far right column of this page.

By any stretch of the imagination, I would not call myself a photographer. I do have a flair for the creative, but it is a sporadic talent. Sometimes the talent comes out in a photo.

I got involved with photography in high school. My first camera was a Minolta. When it died, I bought a Canon. Now I own two Canons, 1 digital, 1 film.

In school, I learned to develop black and white film. I miss taking black and white photos, but I just cannot “see” in black and white anymore. The whole 1-hour film-developing craze came, forcing me to take my pictures on slide film just to get a decent development job. When that became more of a hassle than it was worth, I stopped taking pictures.

After looking through some of my photos in a moment of nostalgia, I decided to get back into photography.

When I started my business, I bought a digital camera. It seemed easier to take photos than take notes, and, I have a portfolio of the before and after on all the jobs I work.

I am almost certain that all the photos I post were taken by me. It is possible that someone else (probably my sister) picked up my camera and snapped a picture. It does not matter. I am taking the credit.

Comments appreciated, but certainly not necessary.


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One Response to Dear Faithful Readers

  1. Ant says:

    I see in your photo for your next home you’ll need some help in fixing it up… I’m available most Saturdays…

    I can only see one down side of living there, you’ll never get pizza delivered – however it would probably be the best pizza in the world when you find it. And the drive to find looks to be quite enjoyable too.

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