Can You See Me Now?

Work has been keeping me busy. I have plenty of clients to see to it that my days start at 6 am and end sometime after 5 pm.

Fortunately, many of the activities that count as extra curricular or otherwise important can be done after I get home, shower and eat. For those circumstances that cannot be handled after the sun goes down, there are Fridays.

I do not work on Fridays. Actually, I should say I do not do the on-site part of my job on Fridays. I do paperwork, planning, banking, calling, or scheduling on Fridays. I also squeeze in a few personal moments, like vertebrae readjustments and the guilt-free self-imposed decadence of a manicure and pedicure. Of course, there are always laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping demanding time, too.

I have been waiting for my glasses to come in. My new prescription “fingertips to infinity, no surgery now with magnetically attached sunglasses” glasses. After a week of no news, I call my eye doctor’s office.

You know this is not going to be good…


Me: Hello, this is Mikki. I am calling to find out the status of my glasses.

Them: Oh, I am glad you called! I have called you several times but your phone just rings and rings and rings.


I have VOIP. Not only does it ring at my house, but I can also set it to ring at up to five other phones at the same time. A nice feature, unless I forget to shut it off after a returning from a visit to my mom’s house. Currently, it rings at my house and on my cell phone. Considering I am either at my house, or attached to my cell phone, this is sufficient.


Me: Really? What number have you been dialing?

Them: Number, number, number-number, number, number-number, wrong number, wrong number, number.

Me: That is not my number.

Them: Oh!

Me: Did you check with the doctor’s records to make sure you were calling the correct number?

Them: Um, no.

Me: Did you call information to see if they had the correct number?

Them: Um, no.

Me: Did you see if any of my three email addresses are on file?

Them: Um, no.

Me: Are my glasses ready?

Them: Yes!

Me: What are your hours on Friday?

Them: Oh, we are not open on Fridays.

Of course they are not open on Fridays!

Me: Are you open on Saturday?

Them: Yes, at 7:30.

Me: The prescription is in, and I can pick them up?

Them: Prescription? We can do that for you!

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One Response to Can You See Me Now?

  1. Jay says:

    Ha! There’s no accounting for intelligence, because if there were, most people would be in debt.

    Sounds too much like real life. o_O


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