Oh, By the Way…

It is no surprise to anyone that I like technology. I use technology in every facet of my life. Even my toothbrush is a gadget.

I do my communicating mostly via email. I think better when I am writing. For one thing, I am not distracted by the people at the other end of the conversation. For another, I can email anytime of the day or night.

They say that email is not as personal as a hand written note. I cannot see the difference. Words are words, after all. Reading the words that are written is what is important.

The subject matter should be the dictating factor in handwritten vs. email. For instance, I mail out holiday cards. I will email an end of year newsletter to those I like to keep in touch with but don’t have a snail mail address for, but generally, the end of the year news deserves something more than an electronic send off.

I think getting an electronic invitation to a wedding is something I would consider in bad taste. Can you possibly take the wedding seriously if the invite comes via email? I also would never send a sympathy card via email. It just does not seem right!

After that long winded setup, the story…

A few weeks ago, I received an invite from the girlfriend of a friend inviting me to this friend’s milestone birthday party. All the celebratory information was included as an attachment in the emailed invite, as were the directions to the celebratory site.

No problem. In my opinion, completely appropriate. A casual invite for a casual event.

A week or two later, though, I get a follow up email from the girlfriend (whom I have never met, mind you) asking for more definitive RSVPs so the correct amount of celebratory attractions can be planned.

Again, no problem, as far as I am concerned. Sometimes, even casual events require a headcount. No one likes to run out of food at a party!

The problem comes at the end of this email.

After the initial request for more prompt celebratory responses that the email opened with, in the form of a BTW (“By The Way”, for those not in the know) was the comment

Good News! We are engaged!

Isn’t it possible that something as important as an engagement announcement could find its way into the news cycle in its OWN email instead of an “Oh, by the way” afterthought?

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