Awww, MOM…

My animals are not photogenic. They would rather be petted then photographed. They think it is a treat when Mom comes outside to hang out with them. They run to gather around my feet, vying for attention.

The more I pet, the more they want.

Makes for difficult photo shoots.

As I am sure none of you care about the quality of the photo, just that there is a photo, here are the current members of my household.

Cali is the oldest of the bunch. He is close to 13. I found him one day meowing around when I helped a friend move. I named him Cali, which is short for California as he was the first cat I had after moving. I have had him for 12 years. He was probably 6 months or so old when I took him in.

blog-cali-sunbathing.JPG blog-cali-no-tan-lines.JPG

This is how he spends an 80-degree mid February day in So Cal. Basking. I know you are jealous. Normally, he snoozes on the world’s most expensive cat bed…

blog-cali-top-up.jpg blog-cali-top-down.jpg

Thys (short for Nephthys) never takes a good picture. She is part herd dog, and therefore has an never ending urge to be as close to me as possible at all times. Here is her close up.


Gemma, the newest member of my brood had a twin brother, Nye. He’s no longer with us. In these photos, I caught her in mid-stalk of a mourning dove.


Here, she is pissed at me.


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