Can You Hear Me?

I have a pet peeve. Actually, I have many pet peeves; I am sure you can only handle one at a time.

Pet Peeve di giorno—I do not like when service people do not listen to my words. For instance, I walked into the local coffee shop for a quick breakfast. Here was my conversation…

Me: “Good morning, how are you?”

Them: “Good morning, what can I get you?”

[Forget the fact that I asked, “How are you?”]

Me: “I would like a large tea, please, with only one tea bag. I would also like a bagel, toasted with cream cheese. That will be for here.”

Them: “Sure. What size cup do you want?”

Me: “A large, please.”

Them: “Would you like cream cheese on your bagel?”

Me: “Yes please, and I’d like that toasted, also.”

[a moment for tea and bagel prep time and she hands me a to-go bag]

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