The Fountain of Youth

I have drunk from the Fountain of Youth! I do not know where it was, or when I drank of it, but it must be true.

Several years ago after years of near blindness corrected by an accurate prescription for contacts, I opted for Lasik surgery to, more or less, permanently correct my vision.

What a blessing! For one thing, it was nice to wake up in the morning and SEE. There was no fumbling around looking for glasses. There was no ungluing of eyes when I accidentally slept in my contacts, just blessed non-blurred sight.

Last year during my eye exam, I complained to the doc that after reading for an extended period, I was unable to focus my eyes on a point in the distance quickly. For example, I would read while watching TV. When I would look up from my book, the TV would remain blurry for 30 seconds or so.

He said the words I have been dreading to hear.

Well, you ARE over 40.

He prescribed reading glasses. Not that I needed them TO read, he explained. I just needed then WHEN I read. The glasses were to help keep the muscles from tightening up while working up close, so they would be better able to flex back when needed for distance.

A few days before I left on vacation, I noticed a little difficulty reading signs, especially at night. I figured I had a tumor or construction irritant in my eye, or some freaky optical nerve disorder. Or worse, I figured I was OLDER.

I was concerned enough to call the doc and move my appointment up a month. That is one of the advantages of not having insurance. I get to pay for my appointments anytime I want to go, not just once a year, as deemed appropriate by the insurance companies.

Hoping that the optometric gadgetry in his little room could rule out tumors, irritants and disorders, I was willing to settle for an age issue. It is sad to admit, but at least it is understandable.

After 20 minutes of whirls, twirls and “Is this one clearer,  or is this?”, my vision problems where diagnosed as what is known as “an anomaly.”

Not surprising is it?

My over-40 eyes no longer need reading glasses. That problem had self-corrected. They are becoming younger. On the other hand, my Lasik eyes have reverted a skosh. The skosh was large enough to qualify for a Lasik redo, free of charge. However, if I opted for the surgical route, then I would need reading glasses to see everything from nose to fingertip distance.

This would mean for reading, computer time and anything I do at work. Basically 85% of my life. I decided to forgo the surgery and get glasses for fingertips to infinity distance. Driving, TV, Movies. A mere 15%.

At least I will not have to worry about drywall mud splattering on my glasses.

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