Who Says I Can’t Provide a Good Meal?

I am not really a bird fan. No, really. I like the raptors: hawks, eagles, and such. The other birds, eh, they are okay. I do not mind feeding them, as they usually provide a bit of entertainment when I am slaving away in my office.

I also like them enough to feel bad when my cat gets one mid meal. I try to disrupt her stalking whenever I see her doing it, but they do call cats stealthy for a reason.

I mostly get the common area birds to my feeders: mourning doves, sparrows, house finches, golden finches, an occasional blue jay or black phoebe. Some, like the phoebe and the golden finches are songbirds and I enjoy their melodies.

The Blue Jays have the ugliest squawk, but they like the peanuts I put out for them.

I was catching up on a ton of paperwork this weekend (it is tax time, you know!) and snapped this picture of a golden finch eating the nyjer seed they like. It must be truly delectable, because of the lengths he went through to get some! He would start upright on the perch, then swing down like a Olympic Champion on the parallel bars!


How does he swallow in that position?

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