Tricky Work

When I remodeled my living room, I put the drywall on the ceiling the same way the plaster had been, coved on all four walls. The walls rise up straight until the 6 ½-foot mark, then they start to curve towards the ceiling. At the four “corners” of the room, the drywall not only needed to be coved, but coped into the adjoining piece as well.

It now presents an interesting opportunity to test my drywall mudding abilities.

Actually, it presented an interesting opportunity for the past 4 years. I picked this weekend for testing my abilities because I bought new wall mounted shelving units for my stereo equipment and my CD collection.

I find motivation in the strangest places.

I specifically set this corner of my living room/dining room as my electronics corner because I could see no other use for the space. If I were a china hutch kind of person, one might fit nicely in this corner.

I am not a china hutch person.



When the studs were exposed, I ran speaker wire behind the walls to volume controls in all the rooms. These controls help moderate the volume of the speakers set into the ceilings of each room. From the volume controls, there is wire leading to ceiling mounted speakers.

The other end of the wires culminates in a patch panel that connects to the amplifier.

I have a nice stereo rack now. It is a nice piece of furniture that fits well with my décor. The only problem with it is it sits on the floor. It is a pain to move when I am cleaning.  Besides the electrical plugs, all the room speakers are connected and it makes it difficult to pull it far enough away from the wall to clean properly.

My current CD racks are mismatched, cheap, and just plain ugly.

I set about this weekend to figure out the best way to mud the drywall on the walls, and the ceiling. The walls came out nice, but the ceiling, UGH. I found I could not use my mudding knives, as they are all too wide and too long to fit nicely around the cove. Forget about any artistry in the corners where the drywall is not only coved but coped as well.



I need to devise a gadget that will allow me to apply the mud then smooth it down in the shape of the ceiling.

I am thinking of either a plasterer’s tool or plastic material template cut in the shape of the cove. It still will not help me with the coped/coved covers though.

Stay tuned…

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