Deep Freeze

While I was on vacation in not quite balmy Sicily, I heard So Cal was experiencing below freezing temperatures. The temperatures had dropped into the teens through much of the area, destroying 70% of the citrus crops. Most of the strawberry crops for this yield were also damaged, as were the flowers for the next yield. I might have to switch to boysenberry jam. Avocado crops, too, took a hit. Also damaged were water pipes and sprinkler systems.

Pity I could not be here to share in the misery.

Those that know me, know that had I been here, I would have called in sick, gathered my furry menagerie close, put on a sweat suit, wrapped up in an electric blanket, boiled the water for tea and turned on the heat. I would have lamented the end of life, as I knew it.

The cold makes me morose, hence my relocation in residence from the East to the West coast.

I am happy that my animals all survived the freeze and my pond defrosted. I am also happy none of my water pipes burst.

However, my bougainvilleas were not as fortunate.

After snapping this picture,


I grabbed hold of the branches (in between the thorns) and shook vigorously to dislodge as many of the dead leaves and flowers as possible.

Similar in effect to human CPR, I hope.

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