Friends in Far Away Places

A few years ago, friends of mine from Pasadena moved to Munich Germany. When I was making my plans for my visit to Italy, I tried to coordinate some of my vacation time to visit with them. The front end of my visit was at an inconvenient time, with both sets of their parents set to visit for the holidays. I included in my travel plans a stop over in Munich on my way back.

But Mel and Marco had an even better idea. They came for a visit to Sicily! I picked them up at the Catania airport on Friday afternoon. I took them into Taormina to see the beautiful views and to have lunch, Italian Style!

After an extended lunch we strolled the streets, window shopping. When it got chilly, we stopped for a warming liquid refreshment.

Saturday, we all headed into Siracusa. We strolled along the Ionian Sea, enjoying the sites from a different era. At the center plaza, we entered the Church of St Lucy, the patron saint of Siracusa.


We passed by an group of guys playing an interesting sport. I do not know if it is kayak polo, kayak basketball, or kayak soccer, but it involved more dexterity than you can imagine!


They headed back Sunday afternoon. Although I was sad to see them go, I knew I’d seem them in a two days time.

How cool is that to meet friends from California who now live in German for lunch in Sicily!?!


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3 Responses to Friends in Far Away Places

  1. mlh says:

    Hey, what happened to protecting the innocent?

  2. Mikki says:

    I decided your paranoia had no place on my blog…! Besides, it is not like I posted your social security number, or political views… 🙂

  3. Geoff says:

    The world is a small place yeah?:-)
    we just loved our trip to Italy, the best icecream in the world

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