An Interesting Dichotomy

In the parts of Sicily I have traveled to so far, I have noticed that you can live in the city, with its narrow, twisting streets. Parking is at a premium but life is within walking distance.

Or, you can live on a farm.

There are no suburbs. You can live either in a city with all its necessities crammed into limited square footage, or a sprawling farm where your nearest neighbor is not quite in sight.

My cousin has two cars. One for city driving, and one for outside the city. The city car was of the roller skate variety. No more than 6 feet from bumper to bumper, it was just two seats and an engine. It was also semi automatic. You are required to shift into one of two gears, but there is no clutch. It fits perfectly on the sidewalk when no parking spot is available. It can also squeeze through the narrowest of streets

The other car was a station wagon. Room for 4 or 5 people and room for cargo. It is good for traveling to the house on the beach where parking is not a problem because there is a private driveway. Or for mucking about in the unpaved driveways of the farms.

If I decided to move here, I would live in the farm land. I would grow my olives and raise my goat. And my dogs and cats. Maybe even have a horse or two!


I wonder if the grocery stores and restaurants deliver?





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