More on the Family Tree

As it turns out, the family across the water did not know any more about the family than my side.

I was able to fill in some gaps, though in the form of time lines and photos.

Ivana took me to the Criscione family Mausoleum, which housed the remains of my great grandparents (Giuseppe and Carmella), my great uncle (Giovanni) and his wife, and my cousin Giuseppe (Ivana’s father).

I learned too, that in a mausoleum, if space is needed, and after 10 years, a crypt will be open, and the remains will be condensed into a smaller crypt.

That is a little creepy.

Here are the photos of my great grandparents, my great uncle, and my 1st cousin.







Also, my cousin and her daughter! An exchange of pictures of all the missing living relatives has been promised!


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One Response to More on the Family Tree

  1. passagetoitaly says:

    I recently learned about the “tradition” of making space in a cemetery. After 10 years, the body is put into a smaller casket. I think they remain in a casket for a total of 30 years, then the remains are ‘disposed of’. Where they go, I’m not quite sure… All I know if that I would not want to be buried in Italy after hearing about that. Usually there is someone, who I guess works for the cemetery, transfers the body into its different caskets. However, the father of my boyfriend’s friend decided he would be the one to handle his father’s remains. The body had not entirely decomposed, and for a brief moment, he was able to see his father whole. Then due to the change in air pressure, the body disintegrated.

    I’m not too sure I’d be up to doing something like that.

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