Nature vs. Nurture

The battle rages on.

Here we are, two women, 4 years apart in age, 3 generations apart in time, 9,000 miles apart in geography.

I do not know if they think Americans are tall, but everyone seemed amused that I was not. Leaving her mom’s apartment, she commented what sounded like “Ah, Criscione!” (the family name) and indicated our almost matching height.

Meeting her brother, he commented on what sounded like “Ah, Criscione!” and indicated our almost matching height. Others too, commented on the lack of height on the Criscione family tree.

In the awkward get-to-know-you kind of conversation, we discovered a love of the same music. Not just English music, but blues artists like Eric Clapton. Classic rock artists like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Eagles. Newer artists like Norah Jones and Natalie Merchant.

We both liked music from the 70’s and early 80’s eras. She did not understand “The Who” and I had no idea how to translate in a way that would make sense. I tried to hum a few bars, but that did not help.

She does not understand the words of the songs. She likes the way they sound. That is how I am when I listen to the blues. Rarely do I listen to the lyrics. I mostly like the beat of the music.

I translated the gist of some of The Eagles Greatest Hits when we were driving around. It was hard to translate “Witchy Woman”!

I told her of satellite radio in America where you can listen to any type of music, any time you want, anywhere you want.

Standing in her library, I noticed we read the same authors. Not only the best sellers I would think anyone could buy, but also some of the lesser-known authors I like. (Her books are written in Italian). She commented that American authors write stories more geared towards life, where as Italian authors’ stories were more philosophical.

I going see if I can find a copy of a Janet Evanovich book in Italian and send it to her! Stephanie Plum is an Italian from New Jersey. I hope it translates well!

I even saw a copy of The Godfather standing on her shelf.

She is a nature lover and animal lover, same as me. She loves the hunting birds, eagles, hawks, falcons, same as me.

She is (still) an athlete, competing in mountain bike racing, marathons, triathlons, and spin. I do not know how you can compete on a spin cycle, but I saw the pictures to prove it. I tried to explain I no longer consider myself an athlete. I am more into “activities”, like golf and yoga. I like to walk, bike and rollerblade along the beach. I also like to swim. I no longer participate in sports that put too much strain on my knees or back.

Also, the subtle nuisances that make up a person were similar. The way we stood, the way we thought.

Oh, and we both hate to cook.

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