If I had to describe the driving here in Sicily with one word, the word I would use is “Optional”.

Signal lights – Optional
Staying between the lines – Optional
Stopping at stop signs/lights, or yielding at yield signs – Optional
Staying in your lane, staying in ANY lane, staying on your side of the road…Optional, all optional.
Right hand turns from the right lane, left hand turns from the left lane, parking in designated parking areas, going the right way on a one way street…Completely Optional.

And the Motorcycles! Holy Smokes! I thought California motorcyclist were crazy for splitting lanes in high speeds! Here, the motorcyclists split the ROAD! If their side is busy, no problem! They use the other side!

The law for pedestrians having the right of way is iffy. It seems that the right of way goes to who ever was there first!

I have seen every rule of the road abused, misused or just plain ignored. However, for all of the driver’s law-breaking going on, I have not seen one accident. I have not seen one person using a cell phone while driving. They drive with one hand on the wheel, one on the shift, and one on the horn.

I have not yet translated the horn blowing. They blow when you are in their way and want you to move over. They blow when they are coming into an intersection and are merely thinking of stopping. They blow to let you know not to come out; they blow to let you know it is okay to come out.

Here, the #1 rule is “He who hesitates has lost!”

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One Response to Optional

  1. passagetoitaly says:

    This is hysterical because it’s true. My boyfriend says that the stop signs with the white borders are, exactly as you’ve said, optional. Yes, he really did say that.

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