Almost Cefalù

My intentions were good, but the roads did not cooperate! Cefalù is a town on the northern shore of Sicily known for its beaches and views. It also borders along the only National Park in Sicily, which I thought would be nice to see.

I decided to take the surface streets instead of the Autostrada, as it affords me more a view of rural Sicily. How rural it is!

Heading out towards the west from Catania, I went north somewhere around Leonforte. Following the twists and turns in the road, I climbed higher into the mountains and entered Mount Etna Park. The snow-covered top of Etna was always in view, as I wound my way around. It looked so clean! Pristine snow covered the top, even though this volcano has been active for the past month or so.

I exited this park and climbed higher into what turned out to be the eastern border of the National Park.

Life here is so different from what I know of in the states. There might be places in Montana or Wyoming to compare it with, but, as I have never been to either, I cannot say.

Farmland stretches out for miles. Property borders are defined by hand built stonewalls sectioning off acres upon acres of green land. It is obvious some houses are lived in by the laundry hanging out to dry, but other than that, there are not many signs of life. Even the livestock is limited.

I was on a road that climbed up the side of the mountain that was cut into the mountain by a series of s turns. I reached the top to find signs advising that the road can be slippery in the rain or snow.


Fortunately, the roads were dry! The temperature outside though was chilly, hovering around 3°c.

I never did reach my intended goal. However, I have time!



I came across this amazing scene as I was driving through the country roads. The cow actually waited on the side of the road until the dog stopped the traffic by standing in the road and staring down the driver. When the cow had crossed the street, and ONLY when the cow had entirely crossed the road, did the dog move aside.

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