A Week In Review

Il Sabato, Dicembre 23

They called! They called! Naples Airport had my luggage! Yippee! Wahoo!

At 9 am, The Lost Luggage Caller told me that my luggage had finally arrived at the Naples Airport. She understood I had moved on to Sicily, and that The Lost Luggage Driver would call me when he was in the area. I could expect my luggage to arrive sometime that day.

It was going to be a glorious day! From my previous shopping spree, I could take a shower, dry off with a towel, put on clean underwear, socks and a shirt and wait for my luggage to arrive.

All day I waited. It was a beautiful day. Clear, sunny and warm. I spent much of it on the balcony overlooking the Gulf of Catania, or reading, or snoozing. No matter what I was doing, I was waiting for the phone to ring.

All day I waited…

La Domenica, Dicembre 24

And I waited. This day was a rainy and cold day. I mostly read and slept. I did venture forth for more supplies, looking less like a grocery store robber and more like a concentrating shopper.

At 3 pm, I got a call. It was not from The Lost Luggage Driver but instead, The Lost Luggage Caller. My luggage had arrived at the Catania Airport.

30 hours from Naples to Catania? How? By donkey?

They could deliver it, but not until December 26th, or I could pick it up. I told them I would pick it up on December 26th. I am not yet brave enough to drive at night. I cannot see the land marks that I need to get safely back home.

Il lunedí, Dicembre 25 Buon Natale!

It is Christmas Day in Sicily! It is an ugly day, overcast, with the threat of rain. I decide to do a reconnaissance mission to find the Catania Airport in the light of day. My goal is to find not only the airport, but to find my way back home.

I head out in the direction my maps show the Autostrada to be. I find an entrance and hope it takes me in the direction I want to go.

I am in luck! I see my first Aeroporto sign. I make it all the way to the airport. I park my car to check that Lost Luggage is actually closed on this rainy, Sicilian holiday. It is, but now I know where it is and how to get to it.

Now I must find my way home!

I head back to the Autostrada and look for the to the San Giorgio exit. Round and round in circles! Nothing looks familiar! Do not panic! I get back on the highway and look around. Idiot! The San Gregorio exit leads the way home!

I pass the street that my apartment is on and decide to do another test run. Back to the highway to the airport. Back from the airport to the apartment. Success!

There is still many hours of daylight left. I decide to go exploring. I have the address of an internet WI FI spot in Downtown Catania. I do not think it will be open, but I can try to find it.

I locate the address, but it does not look like a WI FI spot. It looks like a repair store for Panasonic equipment. After I get my luggage tomorrow, I will try again.

Il Martedi, Dicembre 26

For once, I was able to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I am as adjusted to this time zone as I will ever be. Now I have to adjust to the way of life!

I woke up at 8 am. I was determined in my mission to get my luggage. I looked up the necessary words I would need to communicate the safe return of my lost luggage. I headed to Fontarossa Aeroporto, and without any sort of issue, I left 10 minutes later with my luggage.

It was another beautiful day. The sun was shining, the clouds were distant, and the temperatures were in the mid 50’s. I decided after I got my luggage to head home, unpack my tour books and plan my day.

Downtown Catania looked like a nice place to start. On my list of things to find, is a tourist information store, an internet location oh, and some of the other sites the city is better known for!

Now, rumor has it that many Sicilian towns shut down for a lunch hour. More like a lunch 3 hours. At 10am, I headed into the city only to find much of it closed! I am guessing it is because of the holiday and not an early lunch!

I drove around the city looking at many of the sites. Afterwards, I drove to a smaller city on the outskirts of Catania. EVERYTHING here was closed! It looked like a ghost town! From the amount of garbage under the cars’ tires, it was obvious they had been sitting for a while. The stores all had their metal roll down gates shut tight. There was not one person walking in the streets!

I drove around looking. The good thing about not having anyone around is the lack of pressure to drive fast!

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I am going to head back into Catania!

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