Papa Can You Hear Me?

After traveling well over 7 hours, I finally arrived at Villa San Giovanni, the port in mainland Italy where I needed to catch the ferry to the island of Sicily. Me and a mile’s worth of traffic. By the time it was my turn to enter the ferry, it was 11 pm.

They loaded up the decks with people, cars and buses, and headed across the Strait of Messina. I got out of my car and went up on deck.

I so wish I could have come across in the daylight hours!

I called my mom and sister from the deck of the ferry to tell them I was almost there. I felt like the character Barbara Streisand played in Yentl when she decided to come across the seas to America.

Fortunately, for the other passengers, I did not break out into the song she sings while crossing. However, I did hum a few bars…

The ferry ride was short, no more than 35 minutes and I landed in Messina. Now I had to find the Autostrada A18 to Catania. This was a piece of cake for Ms Magellan here. I just followed the larger flow of traffic, hoping they were all doing the same thing!

Again finding the correct highway, going in the correct direction, my next stop was a 3rd floor apartment in Trappeto, Catania, Sicily!

The woman renting me the apartment was at an office Christmas party. When I left Naples, I felt bad that she or her boyfriend would have to leave the party early to meet with me and give me the key.

There was no need to worry! I got there at 2 am and they were ready to leave!

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