Appartamento Affitto

After a trip that involved 2 months of planning, 3 continents, 5 airports and a 12 hour road trip I finally met Daniela, the property owner of the apartment I was going to live in for the next month.

She and her boyfriend Giuseppe dressed in all their Office Christmas Party attire offered to help me with my luggage. I did not need much help carrying a laptop case and a camera case up three flights of stairs!

They showed me around the apartment. From what I can gather, it’s a family owned house with either THE grandmother or A grandmother on the first floor, the next generation on the next floor and the rental on the third.The apartment is about 900 square feet with a dining/living room combination, a foyer, three bedrooms, a smaller dining area off the kitchen, a galley kitchen, and a ¾ bath (although, with a bidet, I do not know how they size that!) While looking at the shower enclosure, I noticed there was no shower fixture.

Seems the last tenant forgot to tell the property owner they broke the showerhead!

As I had no towel for a shower anyhow, it did not matter. I took the extra large tee shirt from my complimentary overnight kit and went to bed.

The next morning I took a stroll up the street and found a small center. It could be downtown Trappeto for all I know, but it had a small grocery store, a café, a pharmacy, a bakery, a butcher and a hardware store. What more could I want. I wanted “i negozi vestiti” (clothing stores), that is what I wanted!

I went into the hardware store and bought a small screwdriver. When I tried to unplug my adapter, I also broke the outlet. Good thing I am an electrician! After the hardware store, I went to the “farmacia” and got some aspirin. I wanted sinus medicine, but got cold medicine instead. That fizzy kind, too! BLECK!

From there I got some bread. I did not want to leave that store. It smelled delicious! There were two younger woman working there, and I asked them if there were any clothing stores in the area.

“Scusa”, I said. “Dove compro i vestiti in vicino?”

Alas, there were no clothing stores in the area. I could drive to one, but they could not give me directions.

I went to the grocery store and picked up a few more supplies. So here I am, in my long black raincoat, buttoned up to my nose. I wandered around the small store first, looking at things to get a lay of the supplies offered. Mostly I would look at the pictures, and translate what I could. I am sure they thought I was casing the joint.

I needed tea, milk, butter, eggs, tomatoes, mozzarella, hard cheese, cereal, balsamic vinegar, fruit, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, and something that I could use as a towel.

I was successful with most, but not all.

In the evening after work, Daneila and Giuseppe came over to fix the showerhead. They were kind enough to show me how to get to the shopping mall.

Now, shopping in Sicily 2 days before Christmas is not what I envisioned, but necessity dictated a shopping spree.

Downstairs was the grocery store and food court, upstairs the clothing stores. I was able to buy some underwear and socks, pajamas and slippers, a couple of shirts, a bath towel and a hand towel.


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One Response to Appartamento Affitto

  1. passagetoitaly says:

    I must say that your blog on your trip to Italy is really entertaining and it makes me reminisce about my travels there. If you had gone to one of the bigger chain grocery stores, they also do sell some clothes. They sell shirts, pants, skirts, undergarments, and socks! .. very stylish as well. Only in Italy! 🙂 Not at all like what you might find in say, Costco or BJ’s.

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