The Road to Sicily

I was starting to feel a little emotional around this time. I can attempt to write it off to lack of meaningful sleep, or a decent meal, or the fact that I was bottling up my natural inclination to lose my temper, but those would be excuses.

I was VERY excited to be in Italy. I was also feeling that some sort of cosmic wheel was turning into place. I could not help but wonder—if my grandfather had lived to a ripe old age, instead of dying so young, would travels to Sicily been more of a way of life in our family?

Would my mother’s generation have gone there to visit their grandparents or aunts and uncles? Would my sister and I and our American cousins have played with our “cugini italiani”?

In all reality, probably not. I am not as up on my history as I should be, but I am almost sure that relations between the United States and Italy were not very pleasant during WWI and WWII. In addition, international travel was not as easy then as it is today (HA!). I am not even sure that anyone had the funds to do any of that kind of traveling.

However, it is interesting to think about.

Back to my story.

I wanted to be on the road by 12 pm. Yep, leave Naples and drive down to Sicily. I figured it would be a beautiful way to see the countryside. Besides, I like to drive.

My plans went awry when I woke up at 11 am. I still had no luggage, I still had no rental car and it was time to check out.

At the reception desk, I asked four questions:

  1. Parli inglese? (Do you speak English?)
  2. How do I access the internet?
  3. Where can I rent a car?
  4. Where can I get money?

From the upcoming story, it is obvious that the woman behind the counter at the Naples Holiday Inn was NOT related to the woman behind the counter at the Cologne Lufthansa airport!

She did speak English. An ATM was located directly across the street. The hotel shuttle service would take me back to Naples airport where I could rent my car. Internet access was free, in the rooms.

When I explained that I wanted the internet to trace my luggage via the internet because the number they gave me to access it did not work, the woman behind the counter just took over. She attempted to access the internet while her boss started calling the Naples Airport to try and track down numbers for Lufthansa’s lost luggage numbers.

While neither attempt was successful, their efforts I applauded!

The shuttle dropped me off at the airport, where I rented my car and began my trek to Sicily!

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