Out of England, Into Germany and Beyond

I finally got out of England! I still cannot understand how planes can take off, fly and land in complete darkness, but cannot do the same in fog. Can the instrument panels tell the difference?So there I was, in the Cologne airport. My connecting flight to Munich left hours ago. Off I trek to stand it what is sure to be another long line.

I arrive at the Cologne Lufthansa ticketing counter and explain my situation.

Here I begin to question how far technology really reaches. I am not sure if this woman hated the world, Americans in general, or me in particular, but it was obvious I was interrupting a perfectly good day at her office. It was also equally as obvious that she was unaware of the trouble Lufthansa passengers arriving from London were having.

After I hand her all the paperwork in regards to which flight I was on, which flight I missed, my luggage tag, and my passport, she tells me that FIRST I need to get my luggage from the carousel downstairs.

“What luggage?” I ask. “I was told the suitcase I checked in at Los Angeles was already checked through until Naples.

Then she got snotty. Once again keeping my cool, I reiterate my story. LAX-perfect. London-fog/cancel/rebook/delay. Cologne-?

Now she understands. However, I still need to go claim my luggage. While I schlep downstairs to Lufthansa’s lost luggage department, she will rebook my flights to Munich and Naples.

The Luggage Carousel did not have my Luggage. Surprise, surprise. I filled out the necessary paperwork to report lost luggage, received my complimentary overnight emergency kit, returned to the counter to pick up my ticket, and then headed off to the security checkpoint. Through security with a minimum of fuss, and I am at the gate waiting for my departure to Munich.

My life from here got much better. Cologne to Munich, Munich to Naples, and Naples Holiday Inn went as planned. Only a day late, senza any luggage.

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