What Is In a Name?

I can’t find this on GOOGLE. Where is the naming convention that allows for the first and last names of one person to be the same?

I headed to Griffith Observatory this weekend to visit another of Southern California’s tourist attractions that had been closed for remodel. The Observatory was closed in 2002 for an extensive expansion and remodel. 4 ½ years later it reopened, bigger, faster, stronger.

Well, at least bigger, and newer.

Griffith Park and Observatory got its start when a man named Colonel Griffith Jenkins Griffith donated approximately 3,000 acres in an area of Los Angeles now referred to as Mt Hollywood.

From this story, comes the following history on the Colonel.

The Colonel wasn’t really a colonel. There is no record of him being anything higher than Major of Riflery Practice with the California National Guard. What he was, though, was an immigrant, a journalist, an informer (that came perilously close to insider trading), a closet alcoholic, an attempted murderer, a convict, and a divorcee.

He was also, rich. He not only made money, he married it also. After donating the land, his life took an interesting side trip. Convinced his wife was in cahoots with the Pope in a plan to assassinate him for his money, he shot her while they were on vacation..

I’m sure it’s all because of his name.

His defense was alcoholic insanity for which he received 2 years and treatment. His wife lived to divorce him, thankfully! He got out of prison then spent the remainder of his life (13 years) trying to get the city to build an observatory and theater on the land he had donated. The city refused so he set up a trust fund to build after he was gone.

Which brings me back to the Observatory. I’m not really into astronomy. Don’t get me wrong, I think “space, the final frontier” is good and all, but I like the Star Trek/Star Wars version much better. Looking at lasers, moon rocks, star dust, and telescopes is nothing compared to transporters, Nebulon-B frigate, light sabers and tri-corders.

If space is your thing, then check out the Griffth Observatory site.

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