Checking It Twice

Last night around 8:30, I finished the last of my Christmas cards. I’m done printing, stuffing, licking and stamping.

I ran to the post office. I like the post office when it’s closed. No long lines, no annoying people, and lots and lots of parking! When the Post Office is closed, I get a front row parking spot. Last night I decided to take up TWO spots.

I went inside with my sack of cards. I had them in bundles of 25 with rubber bands securely holding them in place. Most of them had the required stamps. All of them had both an address label and return address label. Just in case someone moved and forgot to tell me. For that little faux pas, you’ll get x-ed off next years list for sure.

I had 4 cards that needed to go international. In order to mail those, I had to use the automated postage teller.

And ran into a postal glitch. I’m sure that’s a big surprise.

The automated postage teller is usually quite helpful. You put your letter or package on the scale, accept the weight, use the touch screen to type in the zip code of the package’s destination, enter your credit or debit card, and voila!, postage for your letter. It even lets you know you can continue putting letters or packages on the scale without having to reenter your card! How so pleasantly helpful!

Except this time.

After I put the first letter on (to England), Automated Postage Teller informed me that not only was postage to England going to cost me $.84, but it also informed me that the minimum transaction was $1.00.

“Would you like to cancel this transaction or add a .39 stamp?” I was prompted.

“I’d like to smash my fist through your screen.” I replied.

“Cancel or not?” APT prompted.

Grumbling obscenities I decided to pay the $.39 ransom to avoid having to come back in the daylight and stand in line just to save $.39.

I put in my credit card. It was charged for the $.84 stamp and also the unnecessary $.39 stamp. AFTER my stamps printed, APT informed me that I could continue without having to put in my card again.

Now why, in this day and age of technology, can’t this machine ask if I have any further transactions when I’m below the buck minimum BEFORE it made me buy an unnecessary stamp?

Anyhow, I purchased one more stamp for a letter to England, one for a letter to France, and one for a letter to Germany.

Just one more tado to check off my list!

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