Bah, Humbug!

Okay, I don’t really mean that.

I’ve been trying to get my holiday cards out before I leave on vacation. Being a geek, I took complete advantage of today’s current technology to accomplish this task. I set up my digital camera on my tripod, facing the stage I’d set for my holiday card theme. Using the self timer on the camera, I took about 500 pictures; a myriad of different poses, hair styles, clothing, and facial expressions.

I transferred all the pictures to my laptop. I scrolled through them all looking for the exact picture that would convey my holiday cheer. Not finding one, I just picked the one that didn’t make me look fat.

After modifying the brightness and the contrast, making sure the red eye was brown, I uploaded the winner to’s photo center. I tried my photo in every card choice they had available. I picked the one that had a little fat guy in red on the bottom. Makes me look thinner.
The first year I did my holiday cards, I ordered 50. That hardly covered the family members on the list. I ordered 50 more. Then another 25 after that.

The second year I did my holiday card, I was smart and ordered 125 all at once. I still had to order 25 more.

This year, I was really smart. I ordered 150 cards, and then crossed off names on my list to make sure I wouldn’t need 175 cards.


I made sure I made my list BEFORE ordering the cards. If I make any new friends between now and Christmas, they don’t get a card. I’m sorry, but I’m on a budget.

After uploading my picture, adding it to a card, off I sent my order. I picked up this year’s holiday card the next day.

That’s the easy part.

Next, I had to write my holiday newsletter. Kind of a one page wrap up of the last year of my life. It’s for those people that don’t read my blog. Or for those that forgot what they read on my blog.

Writing a year’s worth of stuff on one page took me about 4 days. Printing out 150 copies took about 2 hours.

Then a trip to the post office. From a previous post, we already know how that experience went.

With all that out of the way, I then incorporated the Henry Ford Successful Business method to my holiday card season. The Assembly Line!

Fold, gather, stuff, lick, and stick.

Fold, gather, stuff, lick, and stick.

Fold, gather, stuff, lick, and stick.

Crease, stuff, oh wait, I forgot the picture, lithe, MY TONGUE IS STUCK! WHERE ARE MY STAMPS!?

Time for a break and a cup of holiday cheer!

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