3rd Annual Girl’s Weekend

The 3rd Annual kicked off without me. The nerve…! I guess it’s not all about me!

Back at Hummingbird Haven off Route 38, late September finds the “girls” gathering for yet another apple picking, apple cooking, apple eating weekend. Dancing naked under the moon in deference to the autumnal equinox was contemplated, but thought better of after viewing the thermometer. And a mirror.

A glorious late summer weekend; warm during the day and chilly enough for a fire at night. Favorite “apple” recipes shared, time spent taking turns cooking apple pies, apple crisps, apple butter, apple sauce, apple dumplings, and apple appetizers. So many chefs, one unofficial taster. A tough job to be sure. Glad it’s mine.

After all apples picked, cooked, and eaten, game playing took the center stage. Board games, card games, dice games. Players animated and agitated in the quest for understanding from their teammates. I prefer games best played with two or three others, where no exuberant behavior is required. Instead I sat by the fire, keeping it stoked and reading a book.

This year found new faces added to the mix and with them, more laughter, more recipes, and more games. There was also the introduction of the flag raising ceremony. A Girl Scout tradition remembered from days long passed.

Talk of semi annual, maybe seasonal weekends, to coincide with the different crops.

Count me in!


A few scenes…

img_0289.JPG  img_0293.JPG  blog-apple-tree.JPG

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