Vegas, Baby!

My last road trip was to the city the truly never sleeps, Las Vegas. I’m not a huge fan of Vegas.

I don’t drink, I don’t gamble, and I like to keep my “sinning” to a minimum.

But some family and friends were flying out there for a short vacation, and I’m all about family.

Driving out there is always an adventure.

Oh wait, no it’s not. It is 5 hours over three highways from my door to their door, straight through the desert. Not much to look at, except miles and miles of desert. Not many houses. Not many cars, just sand and dead looking vegetation. I do get to drive very, very fast which is the only reason I like to go.

I was fortunate this time to stay with the parents of a friend. They live on the outskirts of the Strip in a small community housing area. Here I discovered the “other” Las Vegas. Their house sits on a golf course and has a stunning view of the mountains in the distance. Not a strip club, or flash of neon or casino in site!

I met up with my cousin, her husband and the other couples by lunch time the next day. A little bit of sun, a cirque du soleil show, dinner, breakfast at the Wynn Hotel and I was on my way home by lunch time.

At the Nevada / California border, I stopped at a casino/rest stop for some gas and a bathroom break. I’d never been in this casino before. I really didn’t go there this time either. After my bathroom break I took a look around at a Bonnie and Clyde exhibit they had right at the entrance and read up on the infamous couple.

They had the car that they were in when they were ambushed and killed with a million bullet holes in it. There were some newspaper articles, a timeline of Clyde’s crimes before Bonnie, and then with Bonnie. There was also the shirt Clyde was killed in, bullet holes and blood stains included, donated by his sister.

I was glad to get home because the next day I was off to the “3rd Annual Girls Weekend”!

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