Oh, Good Lord…

I’ve been debating with myself since I was 18 about getting a tattoo. That’s a long time to be in a debate. I think it is indicative of a deep-seated problem with commitment.

That’s another story.

As part of my research into tattoos (so I can intelligently hold up my end of the debate), I was watching Miami Ink. If you haven’t seen the show on Tuesday nights on TLC, it’s about 1 guy (Ami), along with his 3 best friends (Nunez, Darren & Garver), 1 apprentice (Yoji) and 1 special guest (Kat von D) who open a tattoo shop in Miami. The show tells the stories behind the tattoos from the artists’ viewpoints as well as the clients’.

I just like to see the art work. I could care less about the stories. Most of the time, the stories are so out there, it’s better to not hear the stories.

Like the story featured this Tuesday.

See if you can follow along now. I found it a little confusing.

A woman comes into the shop with a framed grill cheese sandwich. No ordinary sandwich, this. No siree. THIS sandwich has the image of the Virgin Mary imprinted (burned) into the bread. I don’t know how we can tell it’s the Virgin Mary as opposed to, say, Mother Teresa or Betsy Ross for that matter. I also didn’t understand if this woman BOUGHT this sandwich or was the one who made the sandwich. There was some mention of eBay and a cost of $28,000.

Diane, the Virgin Mary Grill Cheese Lady, as she’s known, makes a living going around to a variety of events to share her Virgin Mary on toast with the world.

What’s does this have to do with a tattoo show, you ask?

It seems having a framed grill cheese sandwich with an image of the Virgin Mary wasn’t enough for this gal. Nope. She had to have the sandwich tattooed on her boob. To better share this blessed scene, I guess.

The sandwich was photographed (can’t take it out of the frame!) then traced on stencil paper, then transferred to the boob, then tattooed. While the tattoo was being done, the local news crew came in to film the creation of the more permanent replica of the grilled Virgin.

I’ll say this for the tattoo artist; she wasn’t fazed at all by the request. Her work was an exact copy, right down to the bite mark in the sandwich.

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