My Pyramid

I had to take a break from posting stories to get some actual work done.

Working around my house is a nightmare. A simple project often times requires two other simple projects to be completed before I can do my original simple project. Which in turn, means three other simple projects to complete before I can work on the simple project that’s keeping me from working on my original simple project.

For instance, I would like to finish my house. After all, if I want to move to Italy, this place has to be rentable. Or sellable. Right now it’s just despicable.

Finishing my house is a relatively simple project. All that’s left to do is some finish carpentry, a tile floor, and some painting. 3 weeks work, if I were able to work on it. I already have all the trim for all the doors, windows and baseboards. It is sitting on the floor in my living room. Blocked in by my living room chairs. And my dining room table. I already have the tile for the kitchen floor. It’s neatly stacked under the closet and bedroom doors I’m refinishing.

In order to install the trim, I have to move it from behind the living room and dining room furniture.

This means I need a place to move it to.

This means I need to clean and organize my garage.

This means I have to install a workbench, shelves and storage.

This means clearing everything out of the garage, including my uninstalled tiles and unfinished doors so that I can rip down the poorly installed drywall, rewire the room to the new service panel, insulate the remaining walls and re-hang the drywall.

After which I would need to mud the drywall and paint it before I could hang my new cabinets.

After which I would have to find a home for every tool, part and accessory.

After which, I could begin to finish my house.

After 4 days of working, the old walls are gone, the electrical is installed, the new walls are mudded and painted, on to which the cabinets were hung. I am almost finished putting all the stuff back into its proper place in my garage. A few more days, I’ll be back in business.

Unless another project comes up.

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