It’s That Time of Year Again!

Yes, that time of year parents can’t wait for and children abhor! BACK TO SCHOOL!

Staples Office Supply store used to have a commercial set to the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, with the dad gleefully pushing a cart with his two kids grumpily trailing behind.

I never minded going back to school. I still look forward to going back. Although, near the end of the semester I’m also looking forward to getting out.

I started back at Warren U for the fall semester. I’ve taken a break from the Electrical Technology Certification course and started talking some classes in the Home Repair and Improvement Certification course. It will be like working for free! Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up on a few of the rules and regulations I’m not familiar with.

I never took shop classes in High School, so I was amazed at the “lab”. The other trade courses at the school built a house! It’s a modified version of a Habitat for Humanity house, scaled down to fit. It has a stairway leading to a second floor that really isn’t there. There is also a mock up of a house INSIDE the living room. It’s a representation of framing for a two story structure that is only 6 feet high. But it’s a good model to see the elements of framing, and to practice installing roofing materials without injury from a fall of 20 feet.

There’s a bit of carpentry I’m hoping to learn. It’s a four semester course, with the most amazing feature; the book required is only 40 bucks, AND will be used for all 4 semesters! That’s a cost savings for sure! Usually I spend more in book costs than I do in course costs. That just doesn’t sound right.

I also picked up the 1st installment of my two scholarships. There is a compressor with a pnuematic nailer attachments I’ve been eyeing…

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