A New Visitor

I have a shared fence with my neighbor. On their side, they have a variety of Honeysuckle planted in front of the fence. I like the plant because it attracts hummingbirds. While I like the plant, I hate taking care of it.

I’m still trying to work out why I have to take care of a plant that is theirs to maintain.

As they just moved in 10 months ago, I’m cutting them some slack. They have, after all, already improved the planting bed between our houses in the front yard, installed a new patio/driveway, and remodeled their master bath.

I’m sure they’ll get to the Honeysuckle soon.

The fence is 6 feet tall, with the Honeysuckle growing an additional 3-5 feet above it. I hate it. It looks sloppy, and interfers with the sunshine streaming through my bedroom window. Plus, it ends up in my bird feeding area.

Yesterday I had to get out my hedge trimmer I bought to trim hedges I don’t own. I hacked away at the overgrowth, rescuing my avian feeding station. I could now see the feeders and the visitors twittering around them.

I bought Hummingbird feeders a few years ago, made my hummingbird nectar concoction, attracted nothing but ants and abandoned them. Yesterday I rescued the Hummingbird feeders, relocated them to an area away from the trees (and hopefully, the ants) and hoped for the best.

Here’s the best…

blog-hummingbird.JPG img_0257.JPG

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