Angeles Crest

I heard once from a motorcycle enthusiast that the Angeles Crest Highway in California is the holy grail of highways for motorcyclist. He was saying that more than one bike rider moved to Southern California for just that reason.

If I rode a motorcycle, I’m sure I would move here, too.

The Angeles Crest travels through the Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains. The entire highway is around 65 miles long, but parts of it are closed due to mudslides, and or fire and earthquake damage. They have been repairing it for over 5 years now, but the repairs don’t seem to last very long. So, from the west end of the highway, I was able to drive east almost the whole length of the highway before I had to turn around and retrace my route.

Because it’s protected land, there are no houses or other developments on it. There are hiking trails and a few camp grounds, but they are well off the highway, and not visible as you drive.

There is also the Mountain High Ski Resort and the Mount Wilson observatory. I’ll save those for my next visit. As you wind your way up the mountain, there are signs on rotating posts that read “Snow Chains Required”. During the summer months, the signs are all rotated towards the edge, as to be unreadable.

As I’m not sure Honda makes chains for their convertibles, my visit to the ski resort will have to wait for a millennia or two.

The first time I took a ride on Route 2, I had just purchased my car. I kept one eye on the yellow line in the center, one eye on the cliffs on the side, and a third eye on the motorcyclists quickly coming up in my rear view mirror.

This time, I actually enjoyed the views, stopping to snap a few pictures. The first I took was at 2000 feet,


the last nearer the 7000 foot elevation. For a change, it’s NOT smog obscuring some of the background, but a marine layer of cooler air.


When at these elevations, I always wonder what the pioneers saw on their way west.

 img_0251.JPG  img_0250.JPG

I’m sure it wasn’t a twisting, winding road for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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